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Tell the difference between a strong spinning and a normal spin.

2017-12-25 09:27:31 1241

According to the deformation characteristics of metal, the spinning pressure can be divided into normal spinning and strong spinning. Them while at the same time a process, but the technique as well as the effect of processing on it has certain difference, here are the spinning processing of constant ChengXuan pressure will give you the way by comparing tells what is the main difference.

When ordinary spinning pressure, the wall thickness and surface area of the blank are basically unchanged, only changing the shape of the blank; This method is used to suppress all kinds of thin wall aluminum, copper, stainless steel and other daily necessities, such as lampshade, cooking utensils and handicrafts.

The shape and thickness of the blank are changed with the strong spinning pressure, the strong spinning pressure and the strong spinning pressure of the cylinder. The movement of the metal is consistent with the sinusoidal law and is pure shear deformation. This method is used in the production of the wall thickness and the thickness of the cone and hemispherical shape.

Through constant ChengXuan contrast for everyone, whether you can see the power spinning and the difference between ordinary spinning, it is because of the strong, so their practical applications are also different. Therefore, in the production of different spinning pieces, the process of choice is also different.