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The working principle and use of spinning press.

2017-12-26 17:59:19 1254

The working principle of spinning machine is a metal plastic hydraulic press forming machine. On the lathe bed is equipped with ac servo system, the system of wheel set up in vertical and horizontal two perpendicular carriage, horizontal and vertical feed with precision ball screw pair, servo motor and synchronous belt transmission in turn connected vice and precision ball screw pair; A precision ball guide rail is arranged under the sliding frame; There is a "copy" mechanism for the shape contour of the core mould in the horizontal sliding seat of the wheel frame; The control servo system's CNC system and the programmable controller of the hydraulic drive system are respectively connected with the industrial PC. The new type of spinning machine realizes automatic processing and control, is multi-function, universal type equipment, precision and reliability, and has CAD drawing programming function, core mode copy function and recording return function. The device is divided into two types: hydraulic automatic and manual type, which can be applied to the spinning pressure of steel plate with a thickness of 14mm, and it is also suitable for the spinning of stainless steel, aluminum and other metals.