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Hengsheng spinning always focus on technological innovation and sustainable development.

Changzhou hengsheng spinning and pressing metal products co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturer of spinning, stamping and lifting parts. The company has the strong research and development, production, sales of the elite team. Constant ChengXuan voltage is an innovative science and technology enterprises, innovation ability is the core of the constant pressure ChengXuan competitiveness, innovation make constant ChengXuan realized leap-forward development, constant ChengXuan pressure within the enterprise improve the innovation mechanism, formed a unique innovation culture.

The company has the domestic and foreign leading numerical control spinning technology, for many years long and foreign countries to carry on the numerical control spinning technology exchange and cooperation. The company firmly based on scientific and technological innovation, product technology research and development with great concentration, pay attention to product quality and good faith service, brought together a group of professional talents in the field of technology, formed in young and middle-aged scientific and technological elite as the backbone of high-quality scientific research team, for the continuous product research and development in practice has accumulated rich experience in product design and profound knowledge of process theory.

Leading the industry ofSpinning products

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The company's product distribution network spreads throughout the country, and has established offices in more than 20 central cities, and has been exported to Europe, America, southeast Asia, Africa and other places. Achieve bulk export.